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“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” — Pythagoras

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There is a really strange phenomena that I have seen happen twice in my career but my last exposure to it was, no doubt, the most profoundly bizarre—to date—and eclipsed all previous experiences.  It goes like this: Architecture firm hires a person who claims that he is a, “Marketing Genius”.   To all observers who do not have  love-goggles nor beer-goggles on, it is very obvious that this is a ruse.

“Listen PAL, I can bring in work for yoose and yer dere firm, jus’ like I have done all over da world. In fact, I ran my own firm for many years…ya..ya….very successful firm…I am not doing it anymore you see because I made all of my money, now, I want to help yer firm prosper. Hire me and den my best friend and da skize da limit, baby! And if anyone catches on, it’s out da door for dem, baby!”

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Liquid Architecture. “This is one of the disadvantages of drink: It makes a man mistake words for thought.”– Samuel Johnson

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One blustery afternoon, Christopher Robin, errr, I mean my Project Manager–ummm…no, no, not the Project Manager’s, Project Manager and not the assistant to the assistant Project Manager’s-manager, nor, the friend that was brought in to also, project manage the assistant to the Assistant Project Manager’ Manager, not any of these, but, MY MAIN, project manager, the top dog, the head-honcho, el Capitan.  I just wanted to be clear as to which Project
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