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A Lot of BIM-Washing Going On.

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Since I started working in the Architecture profession upon graduation in 1991 – I have been told of AT LEAST 4 software that were going to “revolutionize” the Architecture industry and that, “Anyone who does not learn these will become, obsolete.”   The first time it happened, people rushed-out to get trained, to ‘wisely’ follow the advice of the people telling them to do so.   At that time, I believe the product was called, “CADVANCE”.  Everyone paid for the training and some firms – not wanting to get, “left-behind” – bought a copy for every work station in their firm.  The same trend continued into the future with the the next software and the next, and the next…. after-that, however, people quickly caught on that, “Wait a minute…the people telling us that we will become obsolete unless we learn these software packages, just happen to be the manufacturer of the software!”  Eureka! Coincidence or something more?  

“I am not kidding this time – you had better learn BIM, or else…..” Continue reading


“Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.” — St. Augustine

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We are in the deepest recession since The Great Depression. We are all aware that some employers are using this to their advantage by trying to obtain labor for far-below the previous market value–which will be another discussion for another day–but now, according to recent and stomach-turning reports that I have heard from a former colleauge, regarding: A couple of local employers that are actually calling prospective employees and asking them not-so-much about their Architectural prowess but about their religious preferences! Continue reading