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A Lot of BIM-Washing Going On.

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Since I started working in the Architecture profession upon graduation in 1991 – I have been told of AT LEAST 4 software that were going to “revolutionize” the Architecture industry and that, “Anyone who does not learn these will become, obsolete.”   The first time it happened, people rushed-out to get trained, to ‘wisely’ follow the advice of the people telling them to do so.   At that time, I believe the product was called, “CADVANCE”.  Everyone paid for the training and some firms – not wanting to get, “left-behind” – bought a copy for every work station in their firm.  The same trend continued into the future with the the next software and the next, and the next…. after-that, however, people quickly caught on that, “Wait a minute…the people telling us that we will become obsolete unless we learn these software packages, just happen to be the manufacturer of the software!”  Eureka! Coincidence or something more?  

“I am not kidding this time – you had better learn BIM, or else…..” Continue reading


“Habits are cobwebs at first; cables at last”–Chinese Proverb

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It is so annoying when I hear people—in the profession—speak of Architecture in the following terms, trying to explain away the issues related to the profession that are, typically, self-induced.  Many of these issues are right there in front of  them, yet, they are somehow just out of grasp.


 “I just do not understand why other professionals do not have to deal with some of these issues?”

They sometimes make statements, such as:

1. “It is a profession, but it is not like Law or Medicine..Not as high paying…not for all the school required.”

You are correct, it is not  like Law or Medicine, BECAUSE, Lawyers and Doctors have standards that they set, Continue reading

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”– George Orwell

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Somewhere, in every Architect’s career one has encountered a manager–straight out of Orwell’s,  Animal Farm.  If you haven’t, keep living and working – you will. An Orwellian manager that represents the pigs in this classic story. You know the story, the animals take over the farm and displace the human farmer. Eventually, the pigs end up making Continue reading

“No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.” — George S. Patton

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Business Decisions vs. Decisions ABOUT a Business:
During times of global-economic distress many business owners have been reducing their staff. The natural assumption would be that the business owner would keep his most productive, experienced and/or intelligent staff. The people left behind sometimes assume this is how the decisions were made, naturally.  Continue reading