I recall almost 15 years ago, while watching a program explaining that many companies will be sending work “off-shore”.  The CEO of a large company that was being interviewed on the subject was asked a series of questions. The CEO was blurred-out and his voice distorted. A snippet of that exchange is listed below.

Interviewer:  This does not make a lot of logical sense because it (outsourcing) cannot generate revenue, long-term.  If the numbers are run and projected outward – it is a losing proposition.

CEO:  That is correct, it is very short sided and done to show a large short-term profit to shareholders. Projected outward longterm it is costly and the work and quality, without a doubt, is inferior.

Interviewer: Inferior work or not, Americans have to have jobs to make the American Economy work. You do realize that this will hasten a financial implosion in America?

CEO:  Absolutely, Americans do have to have jobs for the economy to work. There will be a catastrophic collapse in 10-15 years and outsourcing will be part of the problem.  It does not matter how cheaply you have something made overseas if people here do not have jobs to buy the items. This is true, very true, but again, it is about showing a short-term profit to investors.

Interviewer: Why do other countries not do this and if they do not to this extent that is being proposed…

CEO: Most likely, because they have figured out that their labor force is their economy.

Interviewer:  So, you are saying that you are/will be part of the problem and you know that America will become an even more violent place as an increasing number of people become unemployed and turn to desperate means, does that bother you?

CEO: Well, yes, in some sense it does but in five-years, after I make my money, I will be moving myself and my family to Singapore, where they have rules and order. This may not be ethical but it is not illegal, not yet, anyhow, in-fact, the US Government has just started encouraging companies to close-up shop in America and relocate overseas.


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