“The opposite of courage in a society is not cowardice, it is conformity.” — R. May

We all are aware of the current economic situation in the United States and globally, for that matter.  If you are not aware of this then you either have been in an ICU ward—in a coma—or are wholly, unaware of life and the world around you or maybe you are in some type of denial.  It is disturbing to see and hear the things that taking place in the corporate world.  Employers are using these depressed economic times to take advantage of the employees they still have and to invade every inch of a prospective employee’s personal life.  Like the old saying goes, people can only do to you what you allow them to do.


Employer Credit Checks: Sound Odd?  It is.  The guise is that, they, the prospective employer, “Can tell a lot about a person from their credit.”  That is a true statement, however, not in the way employers are stating it. It is being stated as, “If one has good credit, this in turn must mean that they are a good person, a person who takes care of their obligations.”  What if the prospective employee had cancer? What if they were unemployed?  Unemployed, as now,  in the US… upwards of 17% of the country currently is unemployed.  [Are you balking, “WHAT? It is not 17% it is 8%!”  Wrong.  The unemployment numbers only reflect the people currently receiving benefits, not people whose benefits have run out or people who have taken much lesser jobs or part-time jobs, (if they can even find them) to simply get by.  I have a friend of my friend Jeff –his friend  is a Nuclear Physicist–who is delivering pizza to, “get by”, thus, he is not counted as, “unemployed”.]

What if the person went through a costly, divorce, etc.?  So, if people have had difficult times, they are not worthy of employment? Your credit information is not being used for that purpose though, that is the spoken reason as to, “why”…the real reason is to see:  What you owe and to whom, where you bank, the amount of your house payment, if you have student loans out, what your medical bills are, i.e., if you have health problems, and where you shop.  The more in debt one is the harder the employer can negotiate on salary.  And legally, they cannot discriminate on health conditions but if they see you have a lot of medical bills then they can summarily say, “You did not pass the credit check”, without opening themselves up to litigation by mentioning your health problems.

Typically, credit-checks are used to enter into a payer relationship with a creditor not to GET PAID.   Also, there are many employers—people that I have worked for, in the past—with HORRIBLE credit. You are much more at risk working for an employer/company with bad credit than they are from your bad credit, since, you will never be making them a payment—they will be paying you.  Currently, my own credit score is quite good, but whether people have good credit or not, it is not the business of an employer or, rather, a prospective employer to delve into.  I only mention that my credit-score is good, because, the simpleton mind likes to think, “Well, if she minds this, it must be because she has bad credit.”  The Historical reasoning fallacy strikes again.  Similarly, If someone does not like secret cameras installed in their home it must be that they do not like to be photographed, right?  😉

Social Networking Sites:  I recently had a friend who applied to a company that wanted him to disclose his user name AND passwords to his social networking sites (i.e: facebook; my space, twitter, etc.) so they could enter his site as, THE USER, and, “Look around”.  Of course he told them to, “Get lost.”  As scary as it is that they would even ask this, it is even more scary to think about the number of people who would do it.  I think that people think, if they do, “this” , it will somehow help them get the job. False.


*panting* “Sure, sure, take it all, my passwords, read my e-mail, invade my life… just let me be your slave.” *panting*

If people are asking you this level of information it is because they are looking for reasons NOT to hire you.  Yes, that is right, sadly, there is a whole industry dedicated to excluding Americans from jobs so they can report to the Department of Labor that there are, “No interested Americans”, in order that people can be imported to fill those positions, people who—by the way—are paid 30-50% less.


The best way for an employer to find out if a prospective employee can do the job is to call the previous employer(s), contact professional references, etc.  It is shocking and irritating that this is happening to people, but worse than this, are the people who are going along with it.  The excuse people make too, “Well, it is only a credit check.”  The idea is not the amount of work it takes to turn-over information but the slow, seeping, intrusiveness into your personal information and life.  If asked for this information, you have a right to ask for the financials of the prospective employer, for the last 5 years, where they bank, current balances, etc. That is exactly what they are trying to find out about you and they are the ones who will be PAYING YOU, not vice-versa.


DNA checks/studies are right around the corner to exclude people—not only from employment—but also health insurance.  “Sorry Mr. Jones, but your DNA shows a 1:10 chance you could develop cancer, we cannot offer health insurance to you and our policy states that employees who are not eligible for insurance are not eligible for employment, at this company.”   Don’t you love how the brain-dead like to invoke the word, “policy”, often. No doubt there will be some who go along by saying, “Ohhhhh it is just a strand of hair, I do not mind….it does not hurt only taking one strand.”  As if  the objection is about whether-or-not it hurts to give a strand of hair?! Ridiculous!  The less people have the ability to logically reason the more prevalent these issues will become.  It is amazing when things happen in this country, the first time people are amazed and shocked, and the next time they begin to bleat in unison, “That’s just the way it is,  just the way it has always been done…”  It’s just “policy”, after-all. 😉




8 Responses to ““The opposite of courage in a society is not cowardice, it is conformity.” — R. May”

  1. The Javelineer Says:

    Great post, Archiminister. Employers are amassing new weapons to use against the working citizenry. Soon, they’ll be shouting about shortages of workers who are credit-worthy enough to be PAID. EMployers will propose outsourcing as the natural solution, of course.

    We must stop doing business with companies that outsource or use H-1B. We need to band together, organize, contact our elected officials.

    If we don’t hang together, we’ll all hang separately.

    • Archiminister Says:

      Thanks! Yes, it is amazing the amount of crap our fellow countrymen come up with to keep their own citizens from working. Well, it is not that they do not want people working they just do not want people to make a good living, EXCEPT themselves, of course. These poor saps have YET to figure out that you cannot have a healthy economy while trying to whittle away the very core of it–working people who buy things in said economy. Then when it starts to affect their own business they scratch their head wonder, “What happened?” While they are one of the causes of the downward spiral. Nice service economy America! Not quite what was projected/hoped for, is it?

      The only true shortages, as far as I can tell, is the shortage of big business owners in America that 1. Can see past the end of their own nose and 2. Fnd their own ass with both hands.

  2. You are right. But we simply cannot allow this to continue. We must stand up and say “No !”. Let’s start posting those companies who ask for credit checks and make sure that people know what kind of business they run. Then we’ll see how long they stay in business.

    • Archiminister Says:

      So true. I am not in favor of ANY type of check, other than with former employers and examples of your work. Obviously, a person eligible to work is not a danger. They are simply trying alternate approaches to gain access into your personal information, health records and background info. Also, in our profession The State Boards checks things out and deems you eligible or not. Obviously, if someone is ARE eligible, then there is nothing seriously wrong. Employers are simply looking for access into your personal life under a whole host of false premises.

      These employers are simply looking for ways to legal disqualify Americans and legal residents so they can import cheap, foreign, white-collar labor that they treat like slaves. The real Irony is that NO type of check is done on people imported and if it is-it simply shows no information, since, obviously they have not had credit in America, owned property or have been issues a ticket of any kind. As I said, all excuses. Still, it is amazing the people who will jump through these hoops under these pseudo premises.

      I have found this in the past with shady employers, typically, when people trust no one it is because they themselves are not to be trusted and assume others are as slimey as they are.

      Ironically, I just received an auto e-mail from careerbuilder.com with the title reading: Are you paying too much for your credit and background checks? LOL…they are using various sources to convince the public this is “Normal” and “Just standard procedure.” Sadly, most Americans go along like sheep thinking, “Oh gee, I guess this is just how it is done…”

      Everythign asked of you, you have a right to ask for the dvery same in return. many people do not get that they are ALSO interviewing the employer and that they themselves are a little business out to make a profit not simply to make someone else rich. Maybe I do not want to work for a company with bad credit, or a company ran by someone that ran a red light or got int oa fight 20 years ago. As silly as what I just said seems these are the very things they are looking for to disqualify Americans when they are guilty of the same-if not more!

  3. Skye Grove Says:

    Excellent opinion piece, as usual. Writing from London I am well aware of this and how shocking incidents like this is sweaping across the corporate world like a plague. How to stop it? There are so many desperate unemployed but highly employable people out there that would compromise a whole lot of themselves for a chance in the corporate world. This is suicide for integrity and self-worth. Please continue writing on these topics!

    • Archiminister Says:

      Thank you, Skye. The way to stop it is to say, “No.” People need to realize that when asked this leevel of information it is because the employer is looking for reasons NOT to hire them.

      Also, once they obtain this information, they then have an excuse to not hire people and also have all of your personal information that they now permanently have and will most likely sell, while the job seeker knows nothing about the employer other than the name of the company. What is to stop these people from selling information on the black market and before long someone is using our name and writing checks on our bank account. As offensive as THAT is, no one has a reason to look into my personal life–for ANY reason. I have always done a great job, at every firm I have been at, have oodles of professional refernces and examples of my work, approved by the State Board to take the exam, and if that is not enough, then it is probably not somewhere people would want to work, anyhow. If they are that intrusive and you do not even work there could you imagine the NIGHTMARE of being employed by such people?!

  4. liz griffore Says:

    Yes, the one reply you received about posting the companies that ask for credit checks is an excellent idea..BIG BROTHER is now everywhere..sad that it has all come to this..Also we must remember that making one take all the exams for a job is also big $$$$$$$$$ another one of our countries rip offs. The turn around on the credit check on the comapny is an excellent idea!!!!

  5. Archiminister Says:

    True, An employee’s bad credit has no affect on the employer but the employer with bad credit can and do miss several pay-days. Yes, the “tricky” exam is not a good measure of anything except a persoxns ability to take exams inteded to have a high failure rate in order to have people make multiple tries for $$. What is really odd about some of the current exams is that an emplyee with such credentials as in the Green Building movement is not really useful to a company since a consultant cannot work at the same firm as where the project originates.
    People need to get over this, “sit up and beg for a job”. mentality and realize that each person is an indidual little business also out to make a profit. Lots of zombies out there willing to give it all to be a drone.

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